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Poems in Autocomplete


The rhythm of artist and oracle unravel.

Words by Karina Mitchell & artwork by Karina Mitchell

Artist and poet Karina Mitchell explores the dynamic process of call and response in a collaboration with the tech giant’s most used mega tool: Google search.

 The standard type font words in the poems represent the words typed by the writer into Google search and become the invitation and impetus for Google to collaborate with the artist.  The bold type font is Google’s search engine suggestions and responses which become the catalyst toward the progression of the poems.  

Corresponding collages are comprised of pictures from Google image search using select phrases from each poem for criteria.

Read the stuff here.

The Bridge

The Bridge is a mixed reality art project installed on a virtual model of the Brooklyn Bridge. The project features the work of Alpha Auer, Bibbe Oh, Maya Paris, Mikati Slade, Misprint Thursday and Simotron Aquila.  The work can be viewed using the app Membit.  To apply for an exclusive opportunity to try the app in beta email

Transcend The Bomb 2014-2015


Together we die To get her The word together Transcends the bomb Transcend the Bomb was installed at the Sounds Images Data 2015 conference at NYU which was directed by Lanfranco Aceti and Tae Hong Park. The piece for that exhibit was arranged as a multi channel video installation based on an inter-media/virtual world piece. The artist began with the poem above and built the work from there to synthesize a meditative sound environment, digital sculptural elements which include 3d animated gifs, particle effects, video art applied over 3d art objects. The complete virtual sculpture is installed in virtual reality at a site hosted by University of Western Australia. The installation for SID 2015 analyzes the parts which collectively make this piece a whole. Transcend the Bomb is also currently on exhibit in Aveiro, Portugal as part of the show Art-Map.

The Gilded Traveler-2015

The Gilded Traveler is a series of collages with original poetry.   Wanderlust in paper form.


Suspended Alterations

Suspended Alterations, a sculpture installation, was exhibited in the 2010 art showThrough The Virtual Looking Glass, University of Massachusetts Boston, Harbor Gallery Exhibit. The exhibit as a whole is noted by Gary Zabel, PhD, the curator in his chapter: “Through the Looking Glass: Philosophical Reflections on the Art of Virtual Worlds” in The Oxford Handbook of Virtuality (Oxford University Press, Oxford: 2014) In association with Virtual Art Initiative and Gary Zabel, PhD The work was a site specific sculptural installation investigating the ideas of interconnectivity. The sculptural components included ready mades, found objects, personal artifacts, and string in an assemblage style and relates directly to the digital body of work of the artist.

Suspended Hang Ups

Suspended Hang Ups is an ineractive piece which was included in the exhibit Brooklyn Is Watching Final Five, exhibited at the gallery Jack The Pelican Presents in New York.  Brooklyn Is Watching is a project which was conceptualized by Jay VanBuren.  Suspended hang ups was featured in the Final Five exhibit through the collaboration with selected artist Selavy Oh.  The work was included in machinima footage as presented in the exhibit Paper Moon at the Zuckerman Museum at Kennesaw University.  The piece explores virtual reality, communication, feminine identity, digital perfomance, digital persona and interconnectivity.   The coded art features click based interactivity which generates digital sculptural objects, particle effects, as well as sound art.  The format of the piece is in a game style heads up display, also known as  a HUD.  The HUD itself resembles a stage from which the viewers can interact and establish their point of view for the interactivity.  Further development with HUD designs can lend to potential google glass and augmented reality experienecs in the future.  This piece exhibited in this context and venue is a tribute to the collective nature of digital art development.

JayVan Buren and Karina at the Brooklyn is Watching projection as part of Paper Moon.

Image of Suspended Hang Ups as projected  in the Paper Moon Exhibit.  The screened machinima was produced by Beth Holmes/Penumbra Carter.

Public Domain Mash Ups and Art Films

Public Domain Mash Ups and Art Films are a series of original music and video compositions which are screened primarily over 3d sculptural objects in virtual environments.  The music and sound of the films are often original music composition collaborations by the artist and many are published under the digital persona Misprint Thursday.  One noted collaborator on these intermedia projects is Ulf S. based out of New York and London.  The piece Black Shirt is an example of this collaboration and use of public domain footage from sources like the Prelinger Archive.  


V-TV is a scripted digital installation which responds to text input from email, twitter, google voice translated to text as well as SMS messages.  The piece is a completed work in itself, but also serves as a template for further development since the keyword reaction scripting is in place.  Currently, the piece responds to 100 key words in particle effects.  The work can be expanded to respond to more key words and expanded key word reactions.  The work is ripe for exhibiting and further collaboration and is an excellent template for remote device oriented interactive art.  The work is noted in Dartmouth E-Media studies by Lori Landay, PhD.


Rientrare, a digital performance was presented in 2010 at the Innovation Festival in Milan, Italy. The virtual performance consisted of three parts which included music, and audience interaction. Milan Innovation Festival is an international digital art round table. Other participants included Jeffrey Schnapp and the Australian artist Stelarc. I presented by invitation of collaborative group 2lifecast. Music in the piece was a collaboration with artist Ulf Skogsbergh Video, Flickr, Article

Visualizing Theorem

Visualizing Theorem was an exhibit curated by Karina Mitchell/Misprint Thursday at University of Texas at San Antonio, SL.  The exhibit features the soundtrack Theorem which the artist and curator was a collaborator on.  The links below show the catalog and a video created of all artist installations in the exhibit.

Future Fluxus Donaufestival

Nothing For Sale/Pins, digital performance, future fluxus at donaufestival, 2011, Krems, Austria Misprint Thursday is the creative digital persona of US artist Karina Mitchell. For future fluxus, part of the program of the Donaufestival in Austria, Misprint collaborates with Ulf S. on "Pins." Their work features a field recording from the opening reception of artist Tara Donovan's exhibit at PACE Gallery in New York City. Misprint incorporates the recording from the Tara Donovan opening in a fluxus-play-experiment in both the real and virtual realms. Limited documentation. More about the performance/exhibit here. And here.


Digital Glove

Digital Glove is an intermedia digital sculpture which includes digital sculpture, video edited from Prelinger Archive media, and a track which the artist sings on.  Video plays over the sculptural surfaces.  The piece is invisible until the user pushes play.  The work is award winning and noted by academics.

Archival Signal

Imagine Festival

2009 Imagine festival, Yoko Ono, University of Texas San Antonio, SL Message from YOKO ONO I am very pleased to be unveiling the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in Second Life tonight. I hope we will all come to visit it when it lights up every sunset time, as it spreads our wishes of PEACE throughout Second Life. Remember, each one of us has the power to change the world. Power works in mysterious ways. You don’t have to do much. Visualise the domino effect And just start thinking PEACE. The message will circulate faster than you think. It’s Time For Action. The Action is PEACE. Spread the word. Spread PEACE. I love you! yoko ono 9 october 2009


Mausoleum,  Linden Endowment for the Arts.  This simulator wide exhibit featured "invisible sculpture" which was only made visible when the viewer played the accompanying media.  As such, each section of the installation featured a unique audio track, and video which played over the sculptural surfaces which were also part of the environment.  Many of the videos in the entire exhibit were produced using public domain footage from the Prelinger Archive. 


Brackish Gears

Brackish Gears was a site specific digital installation as an artist in residence at University of Texas at San Antonio, SL.  The work featured an original drawing of an invention by my father.   Video documentation of moving work in production.