Karina Mitchell has a background in printmaking  with a BA from Bennington College. (1994)  She studied in Vermont and in Paris.  Her work has been exhibited in galleries, museums, art festivals and presentations in the USA and internationally.  Selected venues include the Donaufestival in Austria, the Innovation Festival in Milan Italy,  the Hermitage State Museum in Russia and Sibelius Hall in Finland.  Karina’s current work specializes in interactive media and scripted art which has been noted by academics in MIT presentations, Dartmouth E-media studies, and the Oxford Handbook of Virtuality.  In addition her work has been discussed by art historians via the Art 21 blog.  She is interested in communication and some of her pieces respond to phone calls, text, instant messages and select social media. Much of her work is generated through collaboration and results in music, video, scripted art, digital performance, collage, sculpture and painting.   Her work forms in both poetic and structured ways and the end piece tends to be a condensed emotive unit.  Karina’s work is also published under the digital identity Misprint Thursday.