New Botanicals-Description

New Botanicals is an ambient animated design for the Samsung x Dezeen competition.  The design concept is based on exposing an area of the wall with a hole that reveals vintage floral wallpaper beneath.  The botanical wallpaper is based on traditional vintage and botanical design but it has evolved into a moving art that is lively and animated.  There are several modes of ambient video options that can change for time of day as well as proximity. Some designs also feature the animated botanical wallpaper on “the wall” itself without the torn paper.  In addition, some of the ambient settings, either proximity or daylight can trigger the vines to come out of the ripped hole in the wall.

The ideal target audience include people who prefer a combination of vintage design, natural elements, and a fun contemporary edge.  The ambient screen can replace or augment an existing wall that has accent botanical wallpaper. Why not try New Botanicals in place of applying accent wallpaper?  The floral design can also be used to layer upon traditional interior designs. There is no specific age group as the design is timeless. The mood is playful, bohemian and slightly exotic.  Some of the ambient designs feature gold elements which add a bit of glam and bling to the screen. However, the ambient settings can be adjusted to only display the bling and gold at night, when it’s most spectacular.

New Botanicals is a fresh, exciting and lovely design that brings a sense of surprise and play into the homes of both traditional and contemporary audiences.  Enjoy!

New Botanicals-PRODUCTION

New Botanicals will be produced using a variety of both standard and unique digital tools and environments to create this unusual yet traditional design. The primary design environment is that of Virtual Reality/Virtual Worlds. The animated botanical elements are built first as graphics and then scripted with animations. In addition, I will design the floral elements on transparent backgrounds and create a series of particle effects using the flowers. These particle effects have a transparent background and work together to enhance the playful feel of the vintage flowers coming alive in the design.

To accomplish the torn paper effect I have a couple of different ways I can achieve that. One way is to attach the paper rip hole as a Heads Up Display in the Virtual environment. That way, everything I look at through my camera is seen through the frame of this ripped hole. I can also add the same ripped hole image as a frame over the video in my video editing. The elements of vines that seem to grow out of the hole are added as objects in the virtual environment. The pops of gold elements on some of the night designs are on transparent backgrounds and can be layered in the design.

After the environments are built, they will be filmed as machinima. Machinima is a technique used to film a digital 3d environment. The machinima will be edited on a green screen so that the background is transparent. A very unique process for this new take on a traditional design element.

Inspiration of flowers from Flickr community

Samsung x Dezeen Competition